" I've been getting inked by Steve for about 13
any new ideas. Steve has done amazing work
with the pictures I've brought to him; as well as
the existential ideas I can't get down on paper
but have only in my head.
I've thrown the word genius at him several times.
 He's just too modest to hear it but it comes out
in his art. "    
-Big Bob
"In the summer of 2006 my Husband J.R.  wanted to get tattoos
Steve.  J.R. was very impressed and had his first tattoo of our
youngest son, Jesse James, on 9-6-07.  We both could not
have been more pleased.   Two days later, he had the portrait
of Wyatt done.  J.R. now has 6 tattoos, and I have two, all done
by Steve.  
We could not be more pleased with Steve's work, talent and
friendship.  We have recommended many people to Steve and
every single person has been thrilled with the results.  We
carry his cards with us so when people stop us when we are
out we can tell them where they can get the best tattoo in town!
-Sheri & J.R.
Client Testimonials and their Tattoos
I've been going to see Steve K. for over a year now. We are
currently tattooing a whole arm sleeve. After we're done with
that arm we'll start on the other!
I really enjoy going to get some work done in a friendly and
relaxed atmosphere. Steve is fairly priced.
Go and see Steve down at McKees Rocks Tattoo, you won't
be disappointed!!
It only took 55 years for me to get my first tatoo...and now you've
got me hooked!  Little did I know that when I brought my son
Brandon to you for his first tattoo that I would be the one
to keep getting inked!
It's been a great way to remember all the hunting trips, and
trophy animals that I've taken.
Thanks for the great work and the friendship we've formed. I
wish I had just a small piece of your artistic ability.
McKees Rocks Tattoo
Steve Kammerer's
Exceed Your Expectations...